Friday, 10 January 2014


Hey everyone!
So before I start this blog, I thought it would be nice for you all to get to know me better!

My name is Charlotte- Elyse, but I prefer to be called Lottie. I am 16 and 6 months, I was born on the 31st day of July 1997.
When I was 12 I moved from Leeds, England to the other side of the word; New Zealand. I love it here, although I miss my family and the clothes, make-up and accessories are 3 times the price, moving to New Zealand really brought me out of my shell! When I lived in England, I feel like i was trying to be 18... wearing clothes that left nothing to the imagination, caking my face in make-up and not even doing it correctly, taking a handbag as a school bag and just generally trying to be more mature, when really I should have been trying to be the 12 year old I wanted to be!
 As soon as I got to New Zealand, that changed immensely. My school did not allow make-up, you weren't allowed to wear your hair down, you had to wear the required school uniform (which consisted of a knee length blue kilt, a blue polo top, black school shoes and a back pack!)... but I have never been happier. I went from a shy English girl hiding behind 3 layers of foundation, too a girl with courage and potential who doesn't need 'good looks' to get her by. I have always been in love with fashion and make-up, hopefully the tips and tricks I have up my sleeve will inspire you on a day to day basis!
Another reason I decided to start this blog is more serious. 2013 has been one of the hardest year of my life. I was recently diagnosed with anorexia nervosa and anxiety, I won't talk about my illnesses on this post; but I will make a separate blog about it at some point... Though my main focus will be beauty and fashion related, I did realize that maybe my story or experiences could help some of you, whether you're going through something similar to myself, need help with school and stress or just a little pick me up!
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Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy my blog!